The Project

To install a new ATF facility that would comply with current DVSA rules and regulations.

The Problem

The client wanted to install a new ATF facility but couldn’t find a main contractor who can construct the building and had the knowledge to understand the requirements stipulated by DVSA to make sure that the facilities within the building comply with current rules and regulations.


Premier Pits offers a service to construct the building, install the ATF lane and testing facilities, manage the garage equipment companies and fit out an ATF building from tender and handover. We have the design capabilities, knowledge and project management experience for the client to leave us to complete an ATF facility with 100% confidence it will meet all DVSA and their own requirements.


It allows the customer to work with Premier Pits and to get a quality end product on time and on budget.

Client Details

Client: Scania UK

Location: Avonmouth


Construction of a new ATF testing lane for Scania UK.

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