Can I have a pit made to my own specification?

All pits are built around one basic design, but variations in length, width and depth are possible, along with a number of optional extras available, giving the purchaser an endless range of combinations.

How often should I clean the pit?

Once or twice a month under normal operating conditions.

What is the expected life of a Premier pit?

Our first pit was installed 35 years ago, and it is still in daily use. Since then, we have improved fabrication and painting methods, as well as developing better methods of installation.

Can you supply a DVSA testing pit?

YES, we build pits for all classes of DVSA testing, and install them to the exact specifications required.

Why shouldn’t I go ahead and have a pit constructed from concrete or bricks and blocks?

In addition to the full life cost benefits, our prefabricated steel pits are guaranteed to be water-tight. Additionally brick or block pits aren’t load bearing.

Why do they appear to be expensive?

When all the benefits of construction and installation are taken into account (such as reducing site time by up to 70%) they are excellent overall value for money when compared with the alternatives.

Do you use your own installation teams?

All of our pits, wherever they are located, are installed by our own fully employed teams of highly skilled and experienced installers. (Some teams have been employed by Premier Pits for many  years). We do not use external contractors to install our pits.

Can you fit pits with full width steps?

Yes, upon request, we are able to quote and manufacture full width steps in any pit.  Half width Elefant tread anti slip steps are fitted as standard.

What is the benefit of an equipment recess?

An equipment recess offers a place to store equipment, such as waste oil units, allowing for full, unrestricted access down the length of the pit. It reduces obstacles in the pit, as well as potential trip hazards.

Will the price shown on the quotation be what I get invoiced?

Yes – subject to variations that may be applied for any unforeseen adverse ground conditions that may arise.

Is it possible to spread payment?

Yes – finance options are available via external finance companies we work with, subject to status.

Can I see a pit in operation?

We have installed our pits across the length and breadth of the British Isles, so there is bound to be one near for you to see. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help set up a site visit.

Will I be able to add FAQ’s myself at a later date?


What lights do I need in my pit?

Section 228 of The Health & Safety Executive; Health and safety in motor vehicle repair and associated industries (HSG261) states to ‘use fixed lighting in the pit that is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres and conforms to a suitable standard’.

The lights fitted by Premier Pits are Twin Tube Category 2, Zone 1 or Category 3, Zone 2 lights which are dust tight, water resistant and flameproof.

Not sure what kind of

pit you need?

We offer a vast array of customisations to make your pit work for you.

Why choose a Premier Pit?

  • Structural Calculations for 20 tonne per axle in normal ground conditions, site specific when required, up to 50 tonne.
  • Jacking rail 150 x 75 PFC
  • Zone 2 lights – Flameproof twin tubed
  • Armoured flex cable with zoned glands
  • Lights and cables attached to galvanised unistrut with a plastic fascia
  • Anti-slip steps, Elefant tread – Galvanised.
  • Handrail – Hinged or fixed
  • Galvanised step-up rail for aluminium step up platform to run on (Optional)
  • Integral sump fitted as standard, no pump.
  • Unique bond of steel to concrete – Solid. Lattice work, not sprags.
  • 10 year warranty on Premier Pits installation
  • First pit installed 35 years ago and still in daily use
  • All pits sand blasted to SA 2 1/2
  • Etch Primer 10 – 20 microns.
  • Top coat – ISO free 2 pack modified epoxy 180 micro DFT.
  • All staff employed directly

Please note that not all prefabricated pits are to this standard

Benefits over lifts

  • Time efficient – allows users to work underneath and above vehicle at the same time
  • Cost effective – No regular maintenance costs required
  • No height restrictions – headroom not required
  • Safety – A covered pit provides maximum safety for user

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