Transforming loco & rolling stock maintenance

Premier Rail Pits prefabricated steel maintenance pits make a significant contribution towards enhancing workshop productivity, offering a safe, well-lit environment for your technicians.

Premier Rail Pits arrive on site with the access steps, lights and air points built in, and pit installation times are cut by up to 70% compared with reinforced concrete.

There are five pit types in the Premier Rail Pit range, each designed to cater for various maintenance of the bogies and undercarriage of any type of loco or rolling stock. We can also work with you to create a bespoke product tailored to your requirements.

Product Features

  • Fully welded steel construction incorporating steel reinforcement for tying into the floor slab
  • Site specific structural calculations
  • Built in services such as safety lights and air lines
  • Manufactured and installed to very tight tolerances
  • Full range of safety products available
  • Galvanised under chassis and bogey wash down option
  • Can be used with vertical jacks
Wide Bodied
  • Extra space for pit services
  • Can be used with vertical jacks
Stanchion Pit
  • ½ pit – ½ stanchion design
  • Can be used with lifting jacks
Tri Pit
  • Multiple working spaces
  • Allows for work to be carried out underneath and around the bogie
Super Wide Bodied
  • Stanchion based design allowing for unrestricted access between the rails
  • Multiple working spaces
  • Allows for work to be carried out underneath and around the bogie


  • Considerably reduced installation times. Pits are installed in days rather than the weeks.
  • Much tighter tolerances. Laser measuring systems are used in the factory and on site.
  • Lower pit maintenance costs and can be easily cleaned.
  • The welded construction is water tight ensuring there is no water ingress or leakage from the pit. This is more environmentally friendly.
  • Better working conditions for staff. The clean, well lit, water free conditions ensure a better working environment.
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