11 good reasons why you should let Premier Pits install your pit

  1. No-one cares as much as Premier Pits to install your pit correctly.
  2. Experience is everything. We install 4 pits a week and have installed over 3,500 in the UK, Ireland, Norway, France, Angola and Afghanistan.
  3. Premier Pits know all the tricks of the trade for pit installations which can save you time and money.
  4. 75% of Supply Only sites without Premier Pits full installation service experience problems with the installation, creating uncertainty which results in a cost in both time and money.
  5. Almost all main contractors employ Premier Pits to install the pit on their new site, even when they have all the plant and labour.
  6. A single Premier Pit installation takes on average just 5 days. We are onsite on the agreed date.
  7. A Premier Pits full installation allows you to carry on with the day to day running of your business.
  8. All Premier Pits Installation Team members are fully employed by the company, on PAYE and included in the company profit share scheme, meaning they have a vested interest in your pit purchase.
  9. You will only save money doing Supply Only if you have your own labour and plant.
  10. When the client digs the hole, it mostly results in having to buy more concrete.
  11. Most pit manufacturers push Supply Only because they don’t have the resources, knowledge or experience to take on installations.
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