The Project

To dig out 10 old pits and replace them with 9 new pits within a 12 week period, whilst the workshop was still under 24 hour operation.

The Problem

The garage needed to install new pits due to bus design changes such as lower floors affecting under body access and the change in the size of modern buses. It was not an option to close down the workshop whilst the project took place, the replacements went ahead in a 24 hour fully operational workshop. The waste away generated had to be cleared on a daily basis to keep the workshop as clear as possible.


To keep the workshop disruption to a minimum, Premier Pits worked on sections of 3 or 4 pits at a time. Each pit was broken out individually and replaced with a new one before moving onto the next. This approach made it possible for Premier Pits to work efficiently while Lothian the garage went about their day to day operations with minimum disruptions. The waste away generated is generally cleared after the dig outs have been completed, so to clear on a daily basis from this site caused extra time and labour but did not delay the project.


The garage took out a complete pit replacement involving 10 old pits and 9 new pits without having to close down the workshop and within the 12 weeks period allocated.

Client Details

Client: Private HGV Company

Location: North East England


Nine working pits each 17 metres long; 1.25 metres wide and 1.65 metres deep.

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