The Project

Replacement of three brick and block pits due to severe leakage from high water tables and dealing with an overflow of water during the installations of the new pits.

The Problem

Due to the high water table, the water that was apparent whilst digging out the old pits was substantial, this then leads to the risk of the surrounding ground becoming unstable. It is imperative to minimise the time between starting to excavate the old pit and installing the new one. On top of this, the said workshop was in full working order during the installation, so minimum disruption was needed.


The speed of installation was critical. The new pits had to be ready at the exact time the old pits were dug out. The excess water was sucked out of the hole before the concrete was pumped around the newly installed pit. The Premier Pits team used their expertise to ensure these installations were carried out to the highest of standards. One pit was worked on at one time, leaving the other two pits available for day to day use.


The use of three prefabricated working pits that are sealed to ensure that the high water table in the area will not be a problem again.

Client Details

Client: A private HGV garage

Location: The Midlands


Three working pits, 2 no. 18 metres long, 1 no. 12 metres long, 1.1 metres wide and 1.4 metres deep.

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