In recent years there has been a growing demand for Premier Pits’ Class 4 ATL pits. This is because garage operators carrying out maintenance and inspection on cars and light vans are recognising that pits are, in many ways, superior to lifts.

Benefits of Modern Prefabricated Pits

  • The fully welded construction stops the ingress of water and the egress of harmful liquids
  • Can be installed in a fraction of the time needed to install reinforced concrete pits
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • Can be refurbished to look as new

Benefits of Pits over Lifts

  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Greater vehicle throughput
  • Can work underneath a vehicle while working above it
  • Lower head room required
  • Better lighting facilities
  • Possible to build in brake testing units/varying shaker plates


Pits are manufactured to ISO 9001, 9002 and are CE marked.
Dimensions (guideline: length – dependent on vehicle type, width – 1000mm and depth – 1600mm
Steel: 43A mild steel
Finish: high quality gloss paint.


The pits are manufactured from pre-formed mild steel sheets, MIG welded together to form water tight sumps. To these basic ‘tanks’ are added standard items such as jacking rails, lighting and air lines, as well as non standard items requested by the customer and various safety features.


Pits are installed by Premier Pits’ own installation teams who are all on PAYE. Highly efficient methods developed in house, are used to install pits in both existing and new floors. Also, the company has designed special ways of tying pits into the surrounding concrete. This results in a stable structure with the structural strength of reinforced concrete while becoming an integral part of the workshop floor.

Design Flexibility

Although all our pits are built around a standard basic format they can be tailored to suit individual customer’s needs.

Workshop Safety

A full range of safety equipment, from recoil barriers through to motorized pit covers, is available.

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